In Calgary, 27,000 young people are considered vulnerable. 

That's 27,000 lives not reaching their potential.

What does "vulnerable" mean for a young person in our city?

How are we addressing the problem?

We believe in addressing root causes.

We listen to young people to understand the social and emotional issues they face.


We understand that poverty, abuse and neglect create a foundation of toxic stress that can manifest as symptoms like addiction, unemployment, mental illness, and violence. Breaking the cycle means understanding the internal challenges these young people face and giving them the tools, and the time they need to recover.



We believe in change.

There is a wealth of untapped potential in thousands of young people in our city who are currently labelled at-risk. We want to transform that potential.


Our solution is an approach based on proven models of holistic child development, youth resiliency research, and on the understanding of recovery and early childhood trauma.


Young people come to Redefin'd to set a new path into the future.

They come to redefine their lives.


We intend to fully understand the root issues facing our young people so we can find lasting solutions to the social and psychological barriers they face.