Our Mentors

We partner with organizations who value taking an individualized approach to recovery, because we believe there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The partners we have chosen demonstrate exceptional models of success based on shared values of respect, kindness and individual empowerment.   

The Doorway has been a trailblazer in Calgary for over 30 years, taking an innovative approach to empowering young people to get off Calgary streets. 

They've demonstrated the importance of self-direction and self-determination in making lasting change a reality for street involved young people.

Homeboy Industries based in downtown Los Angeles is a world leader in gang rehabilitation. They believe in the power of relationships and have used meaningful work to transform the lives of thousands of people. Redefin'd is a member of the Global Homeboy Network and receives mentorship from the Homeboy leadership team.

Community Partners

Our community partners are our friends in the community. They support our meaningful work projects and have helped create experiences that inspire our young people. They are the backbone of our engagement activities with Calgarians.


Our Network

These organizations have opened their door, shared conversations and their valuable resources with us. In their own unique ways they are using meaningful work and kindness as agents for change. We love the work they are doing and we want to share their stories.