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Interested in Becoming Part of Our Krew?

We are so glad you want to become part of our Krew. 


If you are 18-30 and are navigating poverty, addictions, mental health challenges, homelessness or previous incarceration you’re welcome to apply.


We are a team of people from every experience, and we come together to learn from each other, acquire life skills, build relationships and inspire hope on our individual roads to recovery.


We are #redefiningatrisk

What exactly is Redefin'd?

Let our Krew tell you!


"It means independence, a sense of belonging, courage, accomplishment and changing habits. Redefin'd gives me confidence and self worth. It's also allowed me to believe in myself. 


"Its a redirection of one's thought pattern and it translates into your day to day life. It's a place where you can be yourself with no judgment, no pressure."


“It’s a community to find connection, to be at home and be yourself in a trusting and caring environment. Speaking from experience, this place has shown me that there are still people to trust in this world, and how to have a genuine connection with each other.”


"It's a little family for me. It's somewhere I can come to feel safe. It is astounding how much you can accomplish when you have good people surrounding you."

How to become a part of Redefin'd?

  1. Download the attached Krew information package

  2. Contact us to set up an orientation, with the information below

  3. Come in for an orientation day and get a feel for our space

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