Bowness Food Work Project

The Bowness Food Work Project is being delivered by the Redefin'd Krew to stay connected to their recovery and to help address acute food insecurity issues in our area arising from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This new work project utilizes Redefin'd's existing people and connections to distribute food in Bowness. With the closure of our commercial kitchen, the team has pivoted and is collaborating in the community to maintain our programming, and to deliver food on a bi-weekly basus to 160 adults, children and seniors.


We want to continue to operate our trauma recovery program and reduce social isolation for our Krew in a way that benefits our community. 

The need for food is already on the rise, and we want to expand to a weekly delivery schedule. Our team is sourcing new connections to food, exploring food transportation options, researching safety protocols, working with community seniors centres and reaching out to Bowness residents to monitor needs.

Project Benefits:

This project ensures Redefin'd program participants can remain active in their recovery. We are staying engaged with work and our community, using our existing resources to address acute food insecurity issues for up to 200 residents, and preserving therapeutic work and part-time employment for our people working on the ground.

3 Month Proposed Project Budget:

Compensation:                 $ 11,000

Project Operations:          $ 8,500

Admin:                               $ 1,500

Total Cost:                         $21,000

The Redefin’d Young Adult Empowerment Centre (Redefin’d) is a registered charitable organization in Canada.

Canadian Revenue Agency number is 789045481RR0001.

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