We are on a mission to


We are on a mission to empower at-risk young people to redefine their lives, and we do that by creating extraordinary experiences that inspire change.


Our vision is for a Calgary where we realize the untapped potential of every young person.



We want to inspire our communities, cities and systems to transform the way they engage with "at-risk" young people.

Here's our journey so far

Timeline - Registered
Timeline - Registered

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Timeine - ATBX

Redefin'd Calgary Timeline - ATBX slide

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Timeline - Incentives

Timeline - Registered
Timeline - Registered

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Our vision is 100% supported  by the Calgarians we meet.  

The individual people who believe in what we do. 


 We want to end the barriers that face young people at-risk and we're just getting started.


We need you.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead



Bowness Food Response Plan

The Bowness Food Response Plan is a project addressing the acute food insecurity issues faced by families and seniors in our area arising from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This project utilizes Redefin'd's existing connections to distribute food in Bowness. With the closure of our commercial kitchen, the team has pivoted and is collaborating in the community to deliver food to 160 adults, children and seniors. We want to continue this work and expand the project to 200 ppl/wk. 

The need for food is already on the rise, and we are sourcing new connections to food, exploring food transportation options, researching safety protocols, working with community seniors centres, reaching out to Bowness residents to monitor needs, etc.

Project Benefits:

This project addresses acute food insecurity issues, keeps participants of Redefin’d active in their recovery and will preserve part-time employment for people working on the ground, with new part-time work being created to manage volunteers and outreach.

6 Month Proposed Project Budget:

Workers Pay:                 $ 22,000

Project Operations:      $ 20,000

Admin:                           $ 1,500

Total Cost:                     $43,500


The Redefin’d Young Adult Empowerment Centre (Redefin’d) is a registered charitable organization in Canada.

Canadian Revenue Agency number is 789045481RR0001.