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In Calgary, 27,000 young people are at risk. Many will move into adulthood, navigating not one but likely a series of complex social issues, including homelessness, poverty, addiction, mental illness and incarceration.

We believe our young people have a wealth of untapped potential.

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Where We've Been

Where We've Been

Around the Farm

We see an opportunity to build on this success.

Since 2017, Redefin'd has operated in the community of Bowness.

PreCOVID our team operated the commercial kitchen at the Bowness Community Centre. We were active in the community catering gala events for Rotary Calgary and at the Grand Theatre. Baking pies with local seniors and hosting community lunches. At the beginning of COVID, we mobilized our people and our community partners to assemble and deliver food to as many as 200 Bowness residents weekly.


Our graduates have gone to SAIT and Bow Valley College in pursuit of careers.

We want our graduates to be equipped with the lived experience to become healthy parents, valuable employees, and courageous, socially-driven business owners. We want them to create community and be generous and engaged neighbours.

Where We're Going

Where We're Going

Our three-year vision includes branching into a live-in support model and establishing a worker-owned social enterprise. 

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Our process includes 4 critical steps:

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Redefin'd Logo Design B&W Transparent-01.png


Redefin’d is a local charity with an ambitious idea.

We offer a high-impact platform for social change.

Are you excited about being a catalyst for change?

Do you want to be part of exploring lasting solutions to social problems? Or in engaging in a community-supported model of recovery and transformation?

Please join us by donating to our mission today.


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